Farm Products

Farm Fresh, Free Range Eggs

Our hens are busy! We have nutritious, delicious, free range eggs for sale. Our hens free range on pasture that is untreated and chemical free. They get lots of sunshine and forage on grass, seeds, bugs, worms, and the fresh fruits and vegetables that we give them as treats. Our flock is never given any antibiotics, hormones or any other medication. We take good care of our hens and they show us how happy they are by producing lots of gorgeous eggs. This is Tiffany and Rowena doing what they do best.

Please call or text for beautiful, farm fresh eggs, laid daily. Pick up at your convenience.

Raw honey

Our apiary is bustling with busy bees! In addition to all the natural flora on our ten acres for the bees to enjoy, we planted lots of nectar and pollen producing flowers, trees and shrubs to make sure the bees always have a variety of ingredients to produce sweet, delicious honey. That makes the honey extra tasty!

We sell raw honey seasonally. Please call or text to pick up at your convenience.